Large survey on structural reform

How have teaching and research been changed for those directly and indirectly affected by the structural reform? NIFU asks 8000 employees in the university and college sector.

NIFU is currently sending out a large survey to academic staff in the university and college sector. The survey is an important part of the data collection to evaluate the structural reform.

– An important purpose is to compare the experiences at merged and other institutions, therefore it is sent out to 20 different educational institutions, says research leader Nicoline Frølich.

The goals of mergers in universities and colleges are to improve quality, efficiency and relevance in research and education.

The theme of the survey is stability and changes in Norwegian higher education. It contains questions about teaching, research and dissemination and questions about a number of organizational issues related to information and communication, belonging, involvement, collaboration and management.

For more information, contact:
Nicoline Frølich, Research, Higher education
(+47) 960 94 037/906 70 039


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